Time to Pux it up!

Looking for the next 2048 puzzle challenge? Puxers is the perfect blend of pinball and math. Get your daily dose of this fun brain game on iPhone and Android.


Zachary Anderson

Honestly, it’s like 2048 and air hockey had a super colorful baby and it came out to be Puxers.

Noombs – creator of FLOW

Great game. It’s very fun and well made. I like the combination of a number matching game like Threes or 2048, with the physics of Pool and lining up shots.

Ryan Rulli

CAN’T STOP PLAYING. It’s like 2048 but way more interactive. Keep coming out with great games like this and it will surely ruin my relationship, career, and personal life.

Matthew Highland – Subtraction Movement

The gameplay is great, lining up shots feels accurate and the game provides a good balance of difficulty and enjoyment. The desire to best your score makes this game pretty addictive…

Noel Catherine – AppZoom

The controls work intuitively and go along great with what you see on the screen. This game will keep you addicted and you won’t even fully understand why.


Normally, I don’t play games but Puxers got me. I already missed my station once while playing.


Game is amazing. It’s the best in the genre and it’s super addicting. I uninstalled every game like it because with this one there isn’t a need for them. Amazing work.

Sekhar Vijay

Awesome game! Very very addictive and the game play is so interesting with the pool table concepts. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to.


If you like simple, challenging puzzlers, this game is for you. Great quality of product, a simple game mechanic, and a real sense of accomplishment when you beat your score should make this game a hit .

My Mom

Who is Snapchat? Also don’t text me when I’m play Puxers.

Deepak Kumar

Addictive, challenging Not just another game, Hooks you to the screen. Engaging gameplay and nice background music.

Curtis F

Great cross between 2048 and air hockey. Fun and addictive. The graphics, music are all really well suited. If you’re a fan of pick-up-and-play puzzle games, you’ll like this.

Ranshika Fernando

Awesome. An amazing twist to another game, very addictive!